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CNA Training in WinconsinNursing is a growing profession in Wisconsin. Being a nurse aide needs good skills and appropriate knowledge. This is one arena which deals with the health of people and therefore, it is an extremely sensitive and an important profession. One can be a nurse aide by taking the CNA training in Wisconsin.

There are a number of colleges and institutions that provide training to be a Certified Nurse Aide such as Aurora Health Care, Scandia Village, etc. In Wisconsin the CNA training can be easily found by looking in the local newspapers for job placements. One can also get CNA training online, which is offered by several institutes in Wisconsin.


The CNA training in Wisconsin has a module which has 120 hours of dedicated course material. This includes 32 hours of clinical training, where the students are taught about the various aspects of nursing. The remaining hours are dedicated to classroom studies. This means, that students are given a proper training in both the theoretical as well as the practical skills. To be certified as a CNA one needs to pass a certification test.  The certification exam consists of two parts;  one is the knowledge exam and the other part is practical skills exam. This test is mandatory, since it checks on the knowledge as well as the skills necessary for the job.


A licensed Nurse Aide in Wisconsin needs to be recertified every two years.  In order to retain one’s certification, aide need to work at least eight hours in two years.  The Registry office will send out the necessary renewal forms before the renewal date is due.  One should ensure that they get their license on time and also renew it when it is due.

Additional Information

One can find placements, easily with this training and the pay offered is also good. However, one must take care to see that the course is approved and recognized by the Wisconsin Health Department.  According to one employment website, a full time nurse aide salary in Wisconsin is $25,000 per year.  It seems that the salary will go higher from now on as the demand of nurse aide increases.

The world economy is facing numerous problems today and the health sector is one sector which will stand strong in any case. This means that, CNA training in Wisconsin is like a safe investment. One can be assured of a proper job and a decent salary.


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