CNA Skills Test

If you are looking forward to a fulfilling career as a CNA, then it is important to go for training classes as well as to take the certification exam successfully. The training and certification takes on two aspects: theory training and practical training. In the same way the certification examines the theory and practical skills gained during training. This ensures that once the aide goes into the job market they are well rounded. The CNA skills test can be described the backbone of the entire CNA training and is essential that each student acquires the right skills.

Taking Blood PressureWhat is the CNA skills test

The CNA skills test involves testing if the student has grasped the skills imparted during training. It is important to test if the student has gained the necessary skills needed in the profession. Below are sample skills that are normally tested during the certification exams.

  • Moving of patients from one place to another. The main thing that is being checked in this skill test is checking if you follow the basic safety regulations.
  • Changing of patient’s bed linen is another skill that can be possibly tested. This is meant to check if the candidate follows the right procedures for disposing of soiled bedding.
  • Taking of patient vital signs will look at this is to ensure that the candidate is well aware of the right procedure to use in taking the vital signs.
  • Taking of instructions from the nurse and implementing them correctly is another vital area covered, ensuring that the aide will correctly follow instructions.
  • Cleaning of hands and dentures
  • Measuring patients urinary output as well as taking the clients blood pressure.
  • There is also a skill test that involves ensuring the patient’s oral and bodily hygiene is well taken care of.


The Practical CNA skills test

This is a very important part of the CNA exam, as it tests if the student is ready to go in to the work environment and put what they learnt in class into practice. It is a vital part of the exam and if the student fails this part of the exam they will have to retake the certification exam once again.

Where and how you can do the skills test

Where the test will be carried out depends upon the state in which you are taking the exam. Most states have several exam centers – and the one that will be used by the student will be communicated to them well in advance when they register. This information is available from the nursing council in your state. Once you register, ensure you have this information and as the exam draws nearer confirm that there are no changes to the venue. However, rest assured that when there are any changes, they communicate them to the students well in advance.


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