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CNA salary ranges in the USA

CNA SalaryWhen opting to join a certain profession we all look into joining a well paid and personally fulfilling career. Anyone looking into getting into the field of being a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) will be more than interested in finding out how much money they will be making. The amount of salary that you earn is not standardized across the industry and will depend on factors such as the job location; and the level of qualification held (among other factors). The greatest advantage being a CNA however, is that it is a well paying job that is recession proof since the services provided are vital to our society. The average salary of a CNA works out between $25,000 and $34,000 per year, largely dependent on the location of the job; larger hospitals pay more than smaller hospitals and nursing homes.

Getting training and certification as a CNA takes a very short time, which is why most people prefer to use it as an entry level job before they upgrade to being a fully registered nurse. Due to the fact there is a high turnover of CNA staff looking for greener pastures, various states are regularly looking to hire staff. Due to the high demand, those who are certified are certain to get employed.

CNA salary packages in US

Uncertified CNA’s earn $9-$10 per hour, while the certified ones can earn about $14 or $15 an hour. These rates differ from state from state, and also depend on the size and the financial standing of the institution. These rates may also vary depending on any additional skills the aide may have as well as their personal negotiating power. There are a number of states where there is a shortage of nursing aides. hence in these states the rates of pay may be much higher in order to attract more people to take up this career.
The number of years experience a CNA has will also be a determining factor in the salary package. More experienced aides will definitely earn more than aides who have just began working. Specific CNA salary rates can be searched for online, using Zip codes, on various sites that have this crucial information. If you are not satisfied with the rates given on various websites then you can visit the local nursing council offices or the local labour offices for more details.

Different states and the national nursing aide’s council provide a List of different salaries for different locations around the USA. Below are some specific sample salaries in a few cities in the USA.

Sample comparison of CNA salaries across various states. Amounts shown are in $ (US)

Experience Alabama Hawaii Virginia Ohio
Newly hired 20,881 -24,374 24,887 to 28,837 20,951 to 24,452 22,193 to 25,835
1 to 3 years of experience 23,543 to 27,397 27,854 to 32,414 23,619 to 27,486 24,954 to 29,040
3 to 5 years of experience 27,132 to 30,358 32,101 to 35,917 27,220 to 30,456 28,759 to 32,178
Over 5 years of experience 30,049 to 33,171 35,552 to 39,062 30,146 to 33274 31,851 to 35,100


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