CNA Training in Pennsylvania

CNA Training in PennsylvaniaThe CNA training course duration is as short as 10 to 12 weeks in most universities of Pennsylvania. After the theoretical and practical classes one has to sit for the National Board Examination. After passing the examination, one can move out from the state if one wishes to. If anyone fails to work within the nursing related services for at least one documented day for 24 months, his or her certificate will be cancelled. He or she will not be allowed to practice nursing any further until he or she resit for the test from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. It is important to ensure that your registration as a Certified Nurse Aide is kept current.

Where to take up the CNA training in Pennsylvania?

Before the training, one has to pass the physical test and tuberculosis test. One should not have any criminal records. Some of the universities offering CNA training in Pennsylvania are Altoona Center, Attleboro Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Bedford County Technical Center, Berks County Home Berks Heim, Bradford Area High School, Bucks County Area Vocational Technical School, Carbon County Area Vocational Technical School and Cathedral Village School.


After successfully completing the CNA Training in Pennsylvania, all candidates have to sit for a written and practical test. A minimum of 5 nursing skills out of 25 skills taught during the course has to be passed to secure a certificate. If anyone fails in the examination, then he or she is given two more chances to clear. Even after three trials, if a candidate does not clear the examination, then he or she has to go for a CNA Training in Pennsylvania all over again.


The CNA trained nurses are having great demand in different Hospitals and Nursing Homes. The remunerations are about $25000 per year. The basic duty of a CNA trained nurse is equipment’s monitoring and preparing patients, right from bathing, dressing and keeping daily records. These special skills are imparted during their CNA Training in Pennsylvania. CNAs are taught to move patients safely and protect them from any sort of infectious diseases.

Working as a CNA in Pennsylvania has a bright future and commands a good income.  CNA is highly sought career and there are many job opportunities available in Pennsylvania.  Why not become a Certified Nurse Aide today?

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