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Being a CNA places the professional in one of the most marketable careers, and one that is thought to be recession proof. This is because despite the hard economic times there will still be a need for nurses who will, in turn, need the services of nursing aides. Many people do not realize the importance of the aide’s jobs until they have a patient in hospital that has to be bathed and cleaned up. It is a job that needs commitment and compassion since the aides interact a lot with the patients and hold a crucial position in their recovery journey.

RedCross CNAThe first step in obtaining the CNA license is by undertaking the training classes and passing the certification exam. Once the exam has been passed, the aide is licensed to practice in the state where the exam was passed. The license also enables the aide to pursue further nursing training en route to becoming a registered nurse.

Renewal of a CNA License

The CNA license, like all other licenses, has an expiry date after a specified period of time. Most states give a two year practice period before the license expires. To have a license renewed, the CNA must have worked a minimum number of hours within the licensed period (which varies on a state to state basis). There is also a requirement that the CNA should not have criminal record and should be a citizen of the USA. It is important that the license be renewed prior to expiry to avoid being barred from practicing. A CNA who remains unlicensed for a long period of time may have to retake the certification test once again.

Transferring CNA License

If, for one reason or other, a CNA moves from one state to another, and wishes to continue practicing as a CNA, thena request for a transfer of your license has to made. This request for a transfer needs to be sent to the nursing regulating agency in the destination state. In most instances, if the destination state and the state being moved from have similar licensing requirements then the request will be allowed. However, if the state has different licensing requirements, then the CNA will have to take the licensing certification offered by the new state to continue practicing.

Verification of a CNA License

If, due to unavoidable circumstances, a CNA is not sure of the validity of their license then it is possible to check its validity with the local nursing registry in your state, using the following instructions:

  • Get your current CNA license certificate.
  • Visit the local nursing licensing registry in your area and counter check if your license is valid
  • If your state registry is available online then you can simply go to the registry website and verify if your license is valid
  • There is a fee to be paid for verification of your license may vary from state to state so be sure to enquire about this.


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