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CNA-Nursing-Assistant Job OpportunitiesCertified Nurse Assistants/Aides (CNAs) are a crucial part of the patient recovery journey both in hospitals and in nursing homes.  There are plenty of CNA job opportunities out there for those who are ready to be part of the health care team. They play the role of taking care of the basic needs of patients that the patients may not be in a position to undertake for themselves, such as bathing, feeding etc. The demand for these professionals is always high in all economic situations including times of recession. The training offered to CNAs equips them to also monitor patient conditions and report to the nurses and doctors. It is, therefore, right to state their role in the health care industry is indispensable.

How to get your first CNA job

  • The first step is to complete your high school diploma successfully to enable you meet the entrance requirements to attend CNA classes
  • The second step is attending you CNA classes and undertaking the certification exam. Once you pass your certification exam and you get licensed then you are ready to get into the job market.
  • Once you are certified and licensed the next step is writing an impressive resume and sending it to prospective employers. To gain some experience as you search for a job you can volunteer your services to a nearby home or hospital.
  • In some states, they have databases of institutions that are in need of CNAs, hence upon certification you can get a placement to any of these institutions: your first job!
  • Join networking organizations or professional nursing bodies that can give you crucial lead to landing on your first job.

CNA job descriptions

Having landed your first job as a CNA you may wonder what your new job description may entail. Below is a sample of your job description as a CNA.

  • You will carry out in assisting admitting, transferring and discharging patients.
  • You will take care of patient’s hygiene and ensure that the patients are comfortable.
  • You will take vital patient signs and monitor the patient’s condition, reporting the same to the nurses and doctors.
  • You will offer physical support and care to patients. The CNAs are also tasked with offering emotional support to the patients.

CNA duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a CNA are not easy tasks to carry out, and need the CNA to be fully committed to the job to be fully effective.

  • One major responsibility that the CNA has is being vigilant and ensuring that they are aware of any changes that occur in patients so that they can inform the nurse or doctor immediately.
  • CNA duties include ensuring that they help the patients in being mobile by helping them move around to the bathroom or to the washrooms as well as adjusting their sleeping positions when need be.
  • Keeping patients company when need be for example if the patients needs someone to help them or simply talk to them through the night is the responsibility of the nursing aide.

The job of a CNA involves taking care of the patient medically and ensuring their stay at the hospital or home is as comfortable as it can be.


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