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Professional InsuranceWhen you get into the Certified Nursing Assistant career path, you should expect to get into certain liabilities during your course of duty. CNA insurance covers you against any suits that you may encounter in your career. Such suits may not always come from negligence, but also from decisions that you make. When making decisions,  you will be fully convinced that you are making the right decision. However, often on closer scrutiny by outsiders, the decision can be found to be a poor one. CNA insurance protects you, and will handle any financial obligations that may arise due to decisions you make. The insurance ensures that you do not face financial distress by any obligations you are forced to meet.

The importance of having CNA insurance

  • If you are covered by CNA insurance and the hospital or home in which you are practicing as a CNA closes down, then you are protected against any suits that the patients may bring up against the institution.
  • The insurance also protects you from accusations of malpractice from colleagues and other stakeholders in the field.
  • Some of the insurance policies protect you from what happens in the institution in which you work during your off duty days. This means that you are not liable for anything that happens to your patients while you are away.
  • If your company or employer does not offer you insurance cover then it is important for you to have your personal CNA insurance cover.
  • The insurance will protect you incase of any suits brought up against you in terms of time and the hassle of looking for litigation lawyers as well as paying the litigation fees.
  • There is peace of mind that you gain when you know that someone has your back and this is what the insurance gives you. It enables you work well and perform your duties as required.

Where can you obtain the insurance

For licensed CNAs, getting insurance cover need not be an impossible task. However, one needs to have a license that is up-to-date and have no criminal record. Most companies will also require that you do not have past claims where you have been sued for any malpractice or been suspended for unethical behavior. There are various companies or sources of this very important insurance cover.

  • CNA insurance cover can be offered by your employer as part of the working benefits. You should enquire about or bargain for this kind of benefit from your employer. The beauty with this arrangement is that you are able to work with great ease and you will not worry about every single decision you have to make in your work place.
  • Government institutions normally have insurance cover for their employees. The cover may not be as large as that offered by private institutions, but it gives a degree of security to the employees.
  • Taking out personal insurance to cover yourself as a CNA is another option of taking insurance cover. This is a good option for protecting yourself and safeguarding your reputation in the career that you have worked very hard to build.

What does your CNA insurance cover against

Having CNA insurance is one thing, but it is important to get the details of what the insurance entails. This gives you an idea of what exactly you have paid for (if you are paying for it) or what your employer has done to protect you.

  • Some of the insurance policies offer you cover while you are a travelling CNA. This means if your work mainly involves travelling between patients, you are protected from any eventualities arising from those travels.
  • The insurance will protect you and your reputation from allegations and suits of alleged malpractices
  • The insurance covers any costs arising from any awards where the CNA is forced to pay damages for a decision or risk they took in the course of their job that proved to be to the detriment of the client. This covers the cost of the suits and the cost of paying the litigating attorneys.
  • The insurance also takes care of any management liabilities that may arise. This is especially geared to CNA staff who may be in management positions and have to make major decisions from time to time.
  • The cover also protects you from suits arising from errors or mistakes that are directly attributed to the management of the organization for which you work. In instances where the organization is sued for negligence or for abrupt closure, the professional insurance will protect you for any payments that you may be forced to pay in order to clear your name.

The nursing profession is a noble career but it carries many unexpected risks. Protecting yourself from these unforeseen risks is very important. This is because it ensures you are not caught flat footed with bills to pay when you least expect it.

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    Myself Martin I am working as CNA with Canadian Red Cross from last two years. All the points mention above about CNA insurance really reflects CNA’s day-to-day life. It’s very important that individual CNA have insured. It also puts an additional value to the working quality. Thanks for information about CNA insurance because we have a shortage of CNA insurance information on the internet.

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