Free CNA Training Classes With Scholarships and Grants

Grants-Scholarships-LoansIf you intend to get into the CNA profession and you do not have enough funds to invest in your education, then you have the option of getting a free CNA class education through grants and scholarships. However, the various practical sessions may require a reasonable amount of money and so, there is need for prospective CNAs to locate funds to cater for the training needs.

How and where to obtain free CNA classes

  • The government is one of the main sources of funds to undertake your CNA training. These funds are disbursed from the nursing regulating bodies in each state as well as the health management bodies in each state. The government also pays for students’ unemployment during the period they are taking their CNA classes.
  • The second option for getting grants to go through CNA training is by enrolling into community colleges. These community colleges are funded by the government and hence students will benefit from the grants once they meet the requirements set by the state and the colleges.
  • Joining the staff of nursing homes is another option of getting free CNA training. Most homes are non-profit making and hence will not charge you for getting training. They only require that you give service for a certain period of time after getting your training.
  • There are also scholarships and grants given and managed by the Nursing Boards in each state. As a result, all you need to do is to visit the registry offices and enquire of the available scholarships and grants.
  • Employers, hospitals, local organizations, and government offer various levels of grants and financial aid that can cover CNA training. They are out to ensure that there is no shortage of CNA staff and that those who are passionate about joining the field are not locked out by lack of funds.

Tips for looking for free CNA class

  • Ensure that you meet all the requirements needed for enrolling in the CNA classes. Those offering free classes or grants will require that you meet all necessary requirements.
  • Search for local hospitals in your state,  get their telephone contacts and give them a call. Find out if they find out if they offer free CNA training and the requirements needed if they do.
  • Get information on who is offering free CNA classes from your friends and family who are nurses.
  • Get information from the local newspapers, nursing or other medical magazines, on who is offering free CNA training. The Internet will also be another source of good information for this, along with any grants or scholarships in the field.
  • Contact the local community colleges, nursing homes and other non-profit organizations that offer CNA training. Find out if they offer free training and get their requirements if they do.
  • Visit the local nursing board in your state for more information on the available scholarship and grant opportunities that are available. They will also have information on who is offering free CNA training.


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