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CNA Training in West VirginiaA certified nurse assistant is an important part of the healthcare department in West Virginia. Healthcare is one sector which needs a variety of people for the various services that it has to offer. The word healthcare brings to mind the picture of doctors and nurses. The CNA training in West Virginia is a great way to get started with the nursing career. This is a course which is aimed at providing a basic job at the entry level, in the health care sector.

In West Virginia one can get proper training to be a Certified Nurse Assistant . There are a number of colleges and institutes that offer vocational and technical courses such as Institute WV, Sutton WV and many more. Training is provided to students on the guarantee that, they will serve the institution for a specific time period after they clear their certification examinations. Finding a course that provides CNA training in West Virginia can be done by looking online for institutions or looking in the newspapers for job postings.


The duration of CNA programs in West Virginia may last for 12 weeks in most institutions  preparing the students to sit for the CNA certification exam. Some of the courses may be of lesser duration in other institutions and colleges.   There are some free CNA training classes available in  exchange for an agreed period of employment after the CNA  certification in the same facility.

Having a high school diploma or a GED is not mandatory. Students studying at the high school can also take the CNA training classes in West Virginia. This ensures that, they get a job as a nurse as soon as they graduate from high school. Students have to pass a written test as well as a practical test. This is extremely mandatory to get a certification to work as a CNA.


It is also important for the student to make sure that the CNA training in West Virginia is approved by the Health department of West Virginia. It is important to ensure that the course is approved and recognized. It should also meet the requirements provided by the regulating bodies.

Certified Nursing Assistant or Certified Nurse Aide from other states are able to transfer to West Virginia by reciprocity registration provided they hold an active license in another state.  Applicants must also be of good characters with no criminal records.  Please keep in mind that an application does not guarantee the automatic registration in West Virginia.

Nursing is one field where one needs to have good practical as well as theoretical knowledge. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant in West Virginia is really a wise career choice.  This is a career that will give you satisfaction and earn good income.

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