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CNA Training in New YorkCNA training in New York is for anyone who is genuinely interested in taking care of the sick and needy can go for this profession. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified nurse assistant has a strong job opportunities and many colleges and universities are experiencing increased enrolment in CNA training.

The main role of a CNA is to provide assistance to patients with daily living tasks and works closely with patients.  They are also responsible for basic care services such as bed making, grooming and vital signs observation.

Before becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant, you are required to do the nurse assistant training in classroom which includes all aspects of patient care through lectures, audio video and practical demonstrations.  You will also need clinical training under the supervision of a Registered Nurse in a health care facility.

To be qualified as a CNA in New York, you are required to do 130 to 160 hours of a CNA training program.  Many long-term care facilities and nursing homes offer CNA training programs.  

The CNA training course at FLCC is one of the most popular programs in the continuing education department.   There are free training programs or low-cost nurse aide classes at Elco Health Services, Chenengo Memorial Hospital and Adirondack Medical Center.

Why Certification is necessary?

Once you have completed the CAN training course, you will have to sit for the Nursing Assistant certification exam which includes practical skill tests and written exam.  The certification exams are maintained and administered by the Prometric Company.  You will need to contact Prometric to apply for an exam date.

Accredited certification after CNA training in New York secures one’s job. People with certificates awarded by government get first preference during the selection process. If a person is certified he gets a chance to work under registered nurses, LPNs, Physicians, medical doctors and other health care staff. Apart from looking after basic care that is to be given to the patient; accredited person after CNA training in New York is also able to take part in medical procedures either in hospitals or private doctors surgeries.

Once you are a Certified Nurse Assistant in the state of New York, you will be able to work in another state by requesting the reciprocity.  Indeed a CNA is highly in demand in the health area and you will have a bright future.

To learn more about CNA training in New York at FLCC, please contact the nurse assistant training programs.

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