CNA training in Washington

Steps to get a License

CNA Training in WashingtonCNA Training in Washington comprise of a certification course. This course takes place at the Department of Health Sciences. The course module consists of 85 hours of training. The CNA Training in Washington consists of 50 hours of practical setting of clinic, where students get more familiar about the skills. 35 hours of lectures is also provided wherein professors enlighten them about the historic and the latest knowledge in nursing. Aspiring CNA students can find this course in various two-year schools, occupational schools and educational organisations.

Once a CNA trainee completes its coursework, they become eligible to sit for License Certification Exam. Like other certificate licensing exam, it has two sections. First one includes the written exam which would test their knowledge they have gained during their coursework and second is the practical knowledge testing, the practical skills you acquire during the coursework. Aspiring students must enrol for the same and pay $107 as an examination fee. Once the student clears the examination, he or she receives the license to practice across the country.


After CNA training in Washington, one becomes eligible for a long term facilities provided by the state authorities. From statistics, we can assume a promising healthcare industry with many avenues for CNAs. The job availability is likely to increase by a good percentage. Certified Nurses earn up to $28,000 annually which is considered to be a good sum. It is a career with a good investment. Besides nurses, many big organisations are thinking of focusing more towards healthcare jobs.

Institutes offering CNA trainings

Kamanga Institute is one such institute which guarantees good placement as well provides opportunity to gain work experience. American Institutes of Medical Careers is also in the list of top training schools that provide CNA training in Washington.

Choosing to do the Nursing Assistant Certification Training in Washington is really a good choice as one’s career.  Certified Nursing Assistant is very much needed across the USA and in Washington as the aging population needs more health care.

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