CNA Training in Virginia

Training Program

CNA Training in VirginiaCertified Nursing Assistant (CNA)training in Virginia have different format of training than various other educational institutions across the country. The training module consists of 120 hours. CNA training in Virginia is difficult and designed differently. It is divided into two parts. First is hand-on training and second is taught work in form of lectures. These kinds of courses are available in any esteemed colleges with vocational programs and other educational organisations. They meet all the required standards and federal OBRA rules.

Once their course tenure gets over, they have to sit for a certification exam. Like that of the program of CNA training in Virginia, the licensing examination also consists of two sections. The first section is a written test which proves their technical knowledge about nursing and second test consists of skills testing. In this, students will be scored on the basis of patient care. Students have to pay $63 to enrol for the exam.


CNA training in Virginia can also apply for certification via support. Virginia also accepts CNAs from across the country with the valid license and good reputation of work. Though, these aspiring students are not allowed to practice nursing right away as a fresher in Virginia. People applying from different states are also eligible to sit in the Virginia CNA exam.  They just need to clear the license certification test.

Additional Information

 Once one becomes a certified nurse, there are few things to be taken under consideration. Firstly, one would have to renew his or her certification in every two years. Before few months of one’s licence expiry, Virginia’s authorities will send all the relevant papers to be completed. To complete the whole process, certified practitioner has to complete their paper work and send it back to the authorities. During this time, CNAs can only work for eight hours in a day.


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