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CNA Training in UtahUtah’s Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are known for their discipline and work commitment in nursing homes. Anyone completed from CNA training in Utah is well equipped with helping the patients to perform daily tasks like giving sponge bath to patients, feed them their regular meals and help them walk. They are also assigned to take proper care of medical equipments, routine check on patient’s vital signs and reaching to patients whenever they require help. For all this work, they receive an appropriate salary which is almost enough to carry out their living for a month’s time. CNAs could earn up to $25,000 annually.


CNA training in Utah is of 80 hours. Out of which, 16 hours is allotted to learning the hands on techniques whereas the remaining 64 hours are spent on a typical classroom instructionsThe CNA Training class in Utah is available across the city in many institutions like community colleges and other esteemed nursing schools. They all are recognized and are affiliated.  The price of training class varies from $295 to $400.

Aspiring students who have completed their schooling are eligible to take up the entrance of licensing exam. The examination consists of two sections which are multiple choice questions which check the precision of their knowledge and second section includes description of skills. Many private companies and headmasters conduct this exam in form of certification test. They also allow them to publish their practice exams. To apply for this exam, a nursing student has to pay $90 to sit for the examination. You can also apply for an oral exam for $100.


CNA training in Utah provides an excellent opportunity for nurses. Research has showed that the need of nurses in healthcare industry would increase by a significant number in the next few years. Over 2 million nurses are working all across America as home health aides as well as assistants.

Why not make your dream come through if you want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant in Utah?    The opportunities for the training are available in many colleges and institutions.  So take action and you will very pleased that you have chosen the right CNA training in Utah.

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