CNA Training in Texas

Details of the Program

CNA Training in TexasThe BHFS CNA training institute is a state approved educational body which offers with CNA training in Texas. Its base lies in Lewisville which is located in Denton County. The program is fully licensed and it ensures clinical placement. The four week program is enough to train a person to become a CNA. A crash course of two weeks can also be available, but this program is a bit expensive than the former one. Payment scheme is flexible and can be divided into many segments. Likewise, flexible shifts of CNA training in Texas are available.


CNA training in Texas from BHFS institute involves CPR training, first-aid training, personal care training and social services training. The hand on training is provided along with a strict nursing curriculum. The institute is approved by Texas Department of Aging. Some other skills taught here include infection control, emergency procedure, communicating skills and also isolation techniques. Basic skills of nursing like stool specimen collection, blood pressure checking, reporting summary and soft restraints are also taught. A twenty four hours clinical practice is awarded to students under the supervision of a licensed faculty.

Post Training

Even after the CNA training in Texas, one cannot receive a license until he or she passes the state examination. The institute is responsible for fixing an exam date. Once, training is over and after the license is procured, the CNA must be efficient in providing basic care to patients and ensure a safe and clean environment for them.  A CNA is eligible to work at nursing homes, hospitals, health care agencies and also private health departments. With the demand of more and more health care providers, the employment for CNAs is increasing rapidly. CNA training institutes are also increasing very fast.

Achieving the CNA certification training in Texas is the best option for one’s chosen career.  One earns a good income as a Certified Nurse Aide and one may work in another state where there is a reciprocity registration.

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