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CNA Program

CNA Training in TennesseeIf you are looking for a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Training in Tennessee, you have chosen a career with bright future. The CNA training program here has a total coursework of 75 hours which is divided into two portions. First portion is to get well versed with the technical skills and get hand-on instructions. It is assigned for 16 hours. The second section is 59 hours of lectures. Many universities offer CNA Training in Tennessee. Some of them include community colleges, vocational schools and adult teaching organizations. For that matter, any university must be authorized to Tennessee or federal rules.

Once you complete CNA Training in Tennessee, you have to enroll for the licensing examination. To apply for this exam you have to pay a nominal fee of $80. You can also enroll for the verbal test, if you are not comfortable with the written test. There are no extra charges for verbal examination. The examination is conducted by D & S Diversified Technologies for both practical and written examinations.

Job Profile
After completion of CNA Training in Tennessee, one can work in various esteemed nursing homes all across the country. Their job profile includes taking care of patients by feeding them, giving them sponge bath, helping them walk or exercise, etc. Besides patients’ care, the nurses are also assigned to look after the medical equipments. They are also in charge of timely checking the vital signs of the patient. This is the typical profile of CNAs which can bring them a decent living and also support their families.



Once one is a certified nurse aide in Tennessee, he or she can earn up to $30,500 annually, for a full time job.  This is the figure according to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s statistical data of the year 2010. Tennessee Nurse Aide Registry can be contacted for all other details regarding the course. One needs to be careful of not having any records of patient abuse to avoid rejection of license.

Certainly working as a CNA in Tennessee is such a rewarding and satisfying career helping the sick and the elderly.  A career that you can be proud of and earn a stable income at the same time.

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