CNA Training in South Dakota


CNA Training in South DakotaTo become a CNA in South Dakota, aspiring candidates have to finish a coursework of 75 hours. CNA training in South Dakota consists of two portions. One is to get at least 16 hours of practical skills instruction and the other involves attending lectures, which is similar to a standard format of coursework. CNA training program in South Dakota is offered by many institutions, educational centers, teaching institutes or the institutes which are affiliated to the state authorities and are fulfilling federal criteria.

Once one is completed with the health aide training class in South Dakota, one becomes eligible for the license examination. To enroll for the examination, students have to pay $152.50. Students can also choose to give a viva voce with no additional fees. The exam is divided into two parts. First part tests student’s knowledge about the coursework and is called written test. Second part tests the student’s practical skills on nursing. The license examination is held under the supervision of Headmaster or anyone associated with the Department of Health, South Dakota.

CNA Reciprocity

Certified Nursing Assistants who have completed their CNA training from other states of USA could also apply for employment in South Dakota. The only condition for them is that, they should have a valid license and should have a good reputation. They should also have passed their CNA training programwith the standards of CNA Training in South Dakota.

Employment Opportunities

After completing the CNA Training in South Dakota, there are many job opportunities available and a regular CNAs could earn up to $22,600, annually. This statistics is for a full time employee. Being a CNA is considered to be a valuable venture which gives them opportunity to flourish.  With the demand increasing in the country, it is considered to be a wise decision to go ahead and choose to be a CNA.

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