CNA Training in South Carolina

CNA Training in South CarolinaThe course of CNA training in South Carolina consists of 80 hours. It is divided into two parts. The first part is to get a hands-on instruction (skills). The time allotted to this part is 40 hours. The other 40 hours is allotted to the regular lecture sessions by the professors. In South Carolina the CNA classes are available in many colleges, technical institutions and other educational organizations which are affiliated to the state authorities or meet Federal OBRA standards.

The average cost of the CNA program in South Carolina is about $600.  There are some nursing homes that will offer on the job training or sponsorship to attend approved training programs in another institution or colleges, which can greatly reduce or eliminate your initial expenses.  If you are not able to attend the normal classroom CNA class, you will be able to do the online theory course.

After completing the CNA training in South Carolina you become eligible to sit for the licensing examination. To apply for the license examination, you have to pay an amount of $101. In case, you want to give the exam in verbal form, you can do that with no additional fees. Like the coursework, the examination also contains two sections. First is the multiple choice questions, which is taken to test the over-all knowledge gained during the coursework and the second section is to test the practical knowledge or skills evaluation.

CNA Reciprocity in South Carolina

If you want to transfer your job to another state or come to South Carolina after your training program, you can comfortably do so. The conditions are that, you should hold a valid license, a good character and should have completed your coursework from a reputed university.

Future prospects

After completing your CNA training in South Carolina, you can earn around $22,000 in a year with a full time type of employment. CNAs can work for long hours and can have the chance to earn more incentives. Taking CNA as a career is considered to be positive in prospects of growth and money. There are more ventures coming up to support.

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