CNA Training in Oregon

CNA Training in OregonIf you wish to get a CNA certification in Oregon, you will have to get formal training from a state recognized institution that is approved by the Oregon State Board of Nursing for CNA training in Oregon. Even if you have received training from the some other center in another state, you should have attended at least 75 hours of training in order to be accepted by the Oregon State Board of Nursing.

In Oregon, there are 3 types of CNA certification training available.  CNA 1 and CNA 2 training programs which provides 75 hours each of the training which includes classroom instruction and clinical practices.  Certified Medication Aide training is also provided for those ambitious person.

CNA 1 certification

After completing the CNA training in Oregon and completed 75 hours of training, you can sit for the exam conducted by the state for which you will have to apply. There is a criminal background check and you will need to offer proof of education as well. If all the certificates are verified and passed, the exam will be administered. The test consists of a multiple choice section and a manual or practical skills section. The skills exam is administered in a clinical environment and is a real time situation.

CNA 2 certification

Passing the above exam will enable you to get the CNA 1 certification. In order to get the CNA 2 certification; you will first have to possess the CNA 1 certification and then you further do the Certified Nursing Assistant level 2 acute care training program. You will have to sit for the competency evaluation test for qualifying the level 2 or CNA 2 certification.

CMA Certification – how to obtain

It is important in the state of Oregon that you should get your certification or licensure after undergoing CNA training in Oregon, in order to legally look after patients. The certification is known as a CMA, or a Certified Medication Aide. For obtaining this certification, you must have an up to date CNA 1 certification and will have to go through training. You will have to work as a full time nursing aide at least for six months. After completing these additional requirements, you can take up the competency examination which is conducted by the Oregon State Board of Nursing in order to get the CMA Certification.

Obtaining  Certification Nursing Assistant (CNA) training in Oregon has many opportunities to further his/her career and earn a stable income.  It is a satisfying career knowing that you have cared for someone who really needs your help.

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