CNA Training in Montana

Approved Certification

CNA Training in MontanaWorking hard and getting certified is of no use if the certificate is not accredited in nature. Nursing Home Reform Act, 1997 made it mandatory for each State to start training programs with a certificate at the end of the course.

Requirements to be certified

Legal certificate is awarded to trainees on completing their CNA training in Montana. Not everyone is however is eligible for this certificate. After the training one needs to clear a State level competency exam. This exam is both in written and oral skills. Any person who is found guilty of some criminal offence, he is debarred from taking a certificate.


If the certificate for CNA training in Montana is accredited, then such a person can work in any State that he wants to. For furthering one’s career in nursing in another State, he is required to submit an endorsement application. This application is forwarded to Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services.

In case a person is well qualified i.e. has done graduation which is credible in nature or some other study which increases his level; for such people a course in CNA training is not necessary. These students can contact Helena Office.

Course elements

Each college or institute has something different to offer as a lure to enroll at the institution. But basic rules for all the candidates doing CNA training in Montana are the same. Every student needs to complete 75 hrs in the course study. There are components of clinical and learning which are common for all.

A classroom component comes up with topics like: Infection control, communication skills, Safety and emergency care, End-of-life Care and Restorative care etc.

Where can one enroll for the course in Montana?

CNA training in Montana can be done from adult learning centers, care facilities and community colleges. St. John’s Lutheran Ministries is accredited for providing a training certificate for CNA.

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