CNA Training in Minnesota

Registration for Nursing Assistant

CNA Training MinnesotaPeople who are interested in taking up Nursing Assistant’s job in Minnesota need to undertake CNA training in Minnesota. After finishing the training they can register Minnesota Department of Health and get a job on long term basis. Minnesota Department of Health monitors the training program and also looks into the certified assistant’s competency.

What is required of a CNA?

A CNA takes up all jobs of his senior during the latter’s absence. The assistant is required to fetch meals and feed the patients in a gentle but firm manner. Any help required by the patient is to be given to him. Taking the patient around the premises for a change of scene is another one of his duties.

CNAs are virtual caretakers of the place that houses the patient. They see to it that the bedding is changed every day. They keep the place around the patient in a hygienic manner. Licensed nurses guide them from time to time; especially when it is a difficult patient with serious illness.  All the duties are practically taught during CNA training.

Training Program

Before sitting for an exam which will get him a license for CNA; the candidate enrolls for one of these CNA training in Minnesota courses. The training though not essential still holds great importance in itself. Written exam tests the candidate’s technical knowhow about the program. Oral test analyzes skills of a candidate in a hospital or any other clinical place.

Something about Reciprocity

CNA training in Minnesota is necessary for people who do not carry a license with them but are still working as CNAs. These people are required to obtain a license within 120 days of their joining. Candidates from other States have to enroll with CNA registry of Minnesota. For those who wish to work in another State, they need to apply to Minnesota Nurse Registry first.


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