CNA Training in Michigan

CNA Training MichiganCNA training in Michigan is available in many places. The post of a CNA is becoming very popular with students and other people who wish to take up this work as part time offer to increase their pocket money or regular income. To become an assistant of a nurse is to take up all her duties during her absence from the scene of illness. It is bathing, feeding, tending, and aiding a patient in living comfortably through the day. This is not all; giving medicines and injecting the patient according to the prescription is also part of the role.

Training Programs

State of Michigan offers training programs for aspiring CNA candidates via its community colleges. These colleges train a candidate in Red Cross program. Newest in the line of its many programs is “No worker Left Behind”. One gets free training for getting a certificate of a CNA, PCA or LCP. Red Cross training makes a candidate qualify in swimming lessons. There are other courses run under Red Cross which aim at providing all kind of safety precautions which should be taken while in water. There are other categories of programs which can also be chosen. These programs are related to Babysitting, Family Care giving and CNA training.

Training colleges in Michigan

Different colleges at which one can go for CNA training in Michigan are: Schoolcraft College, Henry Ford Community College, Washtenaw Community College, and Lansing Community College. From Schoolcraft College at Livonia one can get Nursing Assistant Training Skills Certificate. There is in-depth study of Nurse’s duties in the program conducted at this school. One learns all about pain management, diagnostic tests, physical assessment, dementia care and diabetes management etc.

Eleven months course is offered at Henry Ford Community College. CNA training in Michigan at Ford College covers all the basic training that is offered to nurses. Apart from Community Colleges, CNA training in Michigan is also given at health centers.


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