CNA Training in Maine

The elements of the program might differ slightly in CNA training in Maine, depending on the provider of the educational training. However, it is compulsory that all the education providers adhere to the following minimum features in order to become state approved programs.

Total duration

CNA Training MaineThe program offered under CNA training in Maine must be of a total duration of 180 hours. Out of these 180 hours, there should be a minimum of 90 hours of theory or classroom training and 70 hours should be devoted for clinical or practical training. The 20 hours remaining should be given for clinical work.

Classroom training

In the 90 hours of theory or classroom training, the students learn a lot about various topics, such as basic nursing care and restorative care. They also learn how to control infections and to give end of life care to old patients. Other subjects taught during the class room training in CNA training in Maine, are to do with interpersonal skills, emergency care to patients and learning all about patients’ rights.

Clinical training

The clinical training is done under the supervision of a nurse and should be in a clinical setting. All the skills that the student learned in the classroom will be put to the test in the clinical settings and he will be practicing them on real patients. This kind of practical training is very important and crucial for students, as they will be able to prepare well for their future career. They will also be able to handle the skills part of the CNA certification exam better by exposing themselves to such training.

State approved program

There are more than a dozen approved certification programs for CNA training in Maine and these are offered throughout the state. Many of them can be found in long term care institutions or you can try the community colleges of the state to find a state-approved course for certification.


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