CNA Training in Louisiana

CNA Training LouisianaThe approval for CNA training in Louisiana is provided by the Health Department of Louisiana and it also maintains a registry of the people who have been listed as certified nursing aides, so that they are entitled to work legally in the health facilities of the state.

The main elements of the CNA LA program

Different institutions have varying programs, but the following elements are a must for all programs of CNA training in Louisiana:

  • The training must be for a period of 75 hours
  • Classroom learning must be imparted
  • Clinical training or practical training must be imparted.
Classroom and clinical training

The classroom CNA training in Louisiana consists of teaching several types of medical and nursing skills to the students. This includes subjects such as basic nursing care and emergency procedures. The student also learns about infection control and restorative care. He will become well versed with patients’ rights and mental health conditions. All the skills that he has learned in the class room training can be put into practice during the clinical training.

Transfer of certification

The applicant must be listed in the above registry in order to legally work in the Louisiana state. Students will have to complete a CNA LA certification program and pass the competency exam. The competency exam consists of both written and skill testing parts. There are several CNA Louisiana exams that have the approval of the Louisiana State.

A background check for criminal history is also performed before enlisting in the registry. If a person has an active CNA certificate from some other state in the US, he can get it transferred to Louisiana. For this purpose, he will have to apply to the DHH and request for reciprocity. Even if the person has any other advanced degree in nursing from some other institution of other states, he can make a petition to the DHH and in this case the CNA training in Louisiana can be waived and is no longer a requirement.


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