CNA Training in Kansas

Complete background check

In order to obtain a CNA certification in Kansas, you will need to complete the training program and pass the CNA exam. While undergoing this certification exam, students will have to offer their fingerprint cards as well. A complete state and federal background check is done on students and applicants before they get their certificates or licenses for practicing as a nursing assistant after completing CNA training in Kansas.

Getting a license to practice

120px-Seal_of_Kansas.svgYou will have to complete a state approved program and the training course in Kansas consists of a program lasting 8 to 13 weeks. The student needs 75 accredited hours of class training and 100 hours of clinical experience. Some specific schools also have certain other requirements that differ from institution to institution. Once you pass the state certification exam, you need to apply in order to be placed in the nursing aide registry of Kansas. It is important for the applicant to provide proof of working for 8 hours within a year of obtaining the preliminary licensure in order to obtain a free renewal license.


The prerequisites for a CNA certification in Kansas are a complete background check along with two fingerprint cards. You will also have to provide photo identification and two passport size photographs. There is also a need for providing a tuberculosis test taken within the past six months and the candidate will also have to show proof of immunization. A high school diploma or a GED is also essential should you choose the training course in Kansas.

Once you get the license, you can practice anywhere throughout the state of Kansas. With the license, you will be placed in the nurse aide registry. You can also transfer to another state with the help of the Kansas License and can be included in the registry of nursing aides of that state, without the need for undergoing the nursing training all over again in another state.


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