CNA Training in Illinois

Greater Demand for Nursing Aides

CNA Training in IllinoisWhen compared with other states of the US, there is significantly lesser number of health care staff in Illinois, thereby meaning that there are more opportunities for those undergoing CNA training in Illinois. On an average, a nursing aide who is a full time CNA can get an average annual income of around $31,000 along with other benefits, which is more than the national average.

About the training program

Those who have passed from an accredited program from some recognized program or if they are a certified nursing aide from some other state need not undergo the training program in Illinois and can be directly registered in the registry. The criteria for the CNA training here include the completion of 150 hours of classroom training and clinical internship. The latter has to be completed under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Several skills are taught in the course of the nurse assistant training in Illinois, such as physiology, anatomy along with basic nursing and personal care skills. Students also learn about resident’s rights and needs relevant to mental health. It is important to search for the best training institution and learn more about the program that they offer for such training. Be careful about online courses, especially the full online CNA certification programs, as Illinois does not accept programs offering a complete CNA certification course online.

How to get started

Before entering for training as a nurse aid in Illinois, you will have to go through a criminal check for your background. After this, you can select a state approved and comprehensive training and will have to appear and pass the competency examination set by the State. Once you have successfully cleared the official examination or competency, you should apply for being listed at the Registry of the Health Care workers of the State.


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