CNA Training in Idaho

A Bright Outlook

CNA Training in IdahoThe health sector in Idaho State seems to be growing and there is an increasing demand for health care professionals, such as certified nursing assistants for the next few years. CNAs can get opportunities for being employed in long term healthcare facilities and a full time employee can surely expect an annual remuneration of around $21,000 at the least along with other perks and benefits.

Practical training in real life settings

The Department of Health and Welfare in Idaho oversees the CNA training in Idaho. The facilities offer a very affordable training and it generally costs around $400. The minimum hours for classroom training are 80 hours and the student needs to complete 40 hours of practical training in a clinical environment. If you qualify for funding and scholarship, many prospective employers as well as the training institutions offer such scholarships. The training for nurse assistant in Idaho also provides students with the opportunity of interacting in a real life scenario in clinical environments. You will have to work under the supervision of a registered nurse and will be able to master your skills.

Written and oral exam

Students need to pass the exam that is conducted by the D&S Diversified Technologies, LLP, at a cost of $30. The examination consists of a written and oral section. Even after obtaining a certification and a license, the nursing aide must get it renewed after every two years. The student can attend such CNA training in several colleges and universities here in Idaho as well as other private organizations offering the course. You can get more information about the training programs in Idaho from the Department of Health and Welfare regarding the community colleges offering the course in your specific area. It is important to enroll in a university or college that is recognized by the State.


There are certain legal requirements that need to be fulfilled after completing training class in Idaho to work as a certified nursing aide in Idaho. You will have to pass the competency examination after finishing a state approved program in order to have your name entered in the registry.


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