CNA Training in Hawaii

Working legally in Hawaii

CNA Training in HawaiiHawaii is well known for offering several accredited programs for CNA training. The State of Hawaii specified certain requirements for approval. The CNA training in Hawaii is approved by the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  It makes it compulsory to update the registry of nursing assistants who are certified for practicing as nursing aides in the state. You have to meet the requirements of the State and sit for the examination in order to work legally as a nursing aide in Hawaii.

Criteria and Background check

The basic qualification for working as a nurse assistant in private doctor offices, in homes or in other clinical settings is to complete the training program in Hawaii that is state approved and pass the competency exam, which consists of both a written and a practical session. A background check is also performed on the person in order to eliminate those having a criminal history. Those who have completed their nursing aide training in some other state can also get certification in Hawaii. They have to get in touch with the Commerce and Consumer Affairs HI Department and discuss reciprocity. Even if you have graduated from a certified program of some other states, you can contact the same department and get exemption from the state’s qualifying exam.

Training hours

The Hawaii has more than 29 approved CNA training programs and many of these certified training in Hawaii are located in community colleges and centers as well as adult training facilities. You can also get training in the Local Red Centers as well. It is expected that there is going to be a high demand for such certified nursing aides in Hawaii for several more years. Though the nursing assistant training classes in Hawaii might differ from institution to institution, the basic requirement is for 100 hours, out of which 30 hours are devoted for class work and 70 hours for clinical practical training. The instructions in these training classes are provided by a Registered nurse, who has a minimum experience of working or teaching in a healthcare institution.

Salary as a CNA in Hawaii.

Below is a range of salary working as a Certified Nurse Aide in Hawaii:





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