CNA Training in Georgia

Obtaining a Certificate

CNA Training in GeorgiaLike all the other states of the US, students aspiring to become nursing aides can complete their CNA training in Georgia, as they offer several programs. The applicant needs to complete at least 85 hours of training and this training must be obtained in an institution that has been accredited and approved by the Georgia State. After completing the required training and putting in the necessary hours, the applicant must sit for the examination conducted by the state and successfully pass the same. They will then obtain a certificate that authorizes them to practice as a certified nursing assistant in the State of Georgia.

After every two years, however, the person will also have to get a re-certification.  You must work at least eight hours of paid work as a CNA to be able for the renewal certification as a Nurse Aide in Georgia.  If you fail to work the minimum hours over the two years period, you will have to re-take the Written/Oral and Skills examination at an approved test center.

Applying for accredited and state approved programs

If you go to the relevant Health Department of Georgia, you can get the list of schools offering state approved programs for nursing assistants. The CNA training program in Georgia State is very flexible and are available in several formats, so that you can choose the one that is convenient according to your requirements. Both day and evening classes are available and so are online classes. There are also weekend classes available for those who are working or studying during the week. The student undergoing CNA training class in this state will also have to complete a stipulated number of hours in a clinical environment, before he can be legally allowed to work in Georgia State. The assistant will have to work under the supervision of a registered nurse.

Importance of attendance

You must choose a school for your CNA training that can fit in with your schedule and complete the registration process. The attendance is very important as the course is constructed in such a way that it is very fast and you cannot afford to miss even a day or two, as it would be tantamount to missing out a whole week of regular college studies. A lot is taught even within two or three days. After the course, there are practical in a clinical environment and then you need to sit for the state approved test.


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