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Certification and Job Outlook after CNA Training in Connecticut

CNA Training in ConnecticutJob Outlook – Statistics

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that healthcare skills will continue to be in great demand over the next decade, as the ration of nurses and certified nursing aides to people is not sufficient. It is projected that certified nursing aides  will be most in aid as the aging population is going to increasingly be in need of continued support on a 24/7 basis.

Obtaining Licensure

CNA training in Connecticut has become more important and rather a necessity on account of this, as health care institutions are constantly on the lookout for competent nursing aides to provide basic patient car, such as feeding and bathing patients as well as looking after their vital signs. The CNA must be certified in the state where they wish to take up a job. If you are living in Connecticut, you should take care to enroll in one of the CNA training programs in Connecticut that is state approved in order to obtain licensure. The number of hours for training varies according to the state and in case of Connecticut, the minimum hours for CNA class in Connecticut is 100 hours. This is 25 hours more than the basic federal minimum requirement, which is 75 hours.

Steps for being included in the Nurse Aide Registry

You will have to take the first step of getting the CNA certification application form for Connecticut from the net. You can also contact the Department of Public Health in Connecticut in order to confirm which training classes in Connecticut that are accredited, in order to download the correct form. Next, you will have to fill in all the fields on the form, such as your name and contact information and mention the examination for which you are applying. You will have to provide affidavits that confirm or certify that you have finished the training program according to the Connecticut State approved rules and mention the choice of test site. There are six regional sites for holding the test and also health care facilities that are approved. Then submit the form as required.


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