CNA Training in California

There are several nursing programs in California that have brought forward talented nursing assistants for over 50 years. In fact, the nursing colleges have not been able to keep up with the demand for graduates qualified in nursing assistantship.

LVN or LPN Program

CNA Training in CaliforniaThe CNA training in California is also known as licensed practical nurses or LPNs or LVNs, licensed vocational nurses. They care for the sick and injured people and registered nurses supervise their work. They are required to offer bedside care to the patient, give them their injections and monitor their reports. They are also required to treat bedsores in a patient, give the patients massages and apply dressings to wounds.


In California, the training course for a CNA will usually require a high school diploma and they can be availed at several vocational schools or technical schools. There are also junior colleges and community colleges that offer the LVN or LPN program.  The programs usually last one year and involve both classroom training as well as clinical training. Students can expand their opportunities as well as earn more by enrolling themselves in such a CNA training program in California.

Job outlook

The job outlook and opportunities for nursing assistants in California have never been better and the demand those who have undergone CNA training in this state have never been higher. It is mandatory in California that the patient bed ratio should be 1 to 5 in hospitals. In addition, it is seen that there are fewer nurses per capita in California than in other states, with the exception of Nevada State. This means that the job opportunities for certified nursing assistants are excellent and the prospects will continue to grow in the future. The hospitals and other health care facilities as well as some health companies and clinics are paying excellent wages for those completing the training in California and they also offer excellent and flexible schedules to the nurses. Some of them also offer a reimbursement for their tuition expenses and several other perks.

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