CNA Training in Arkansas

The evaluation exam

CNA Training in ArkinsasIn Arkansas and in several other states, Certified Nursing Assistants or CNAs are also known as patient care technicians. Before working in the field of assistant nurses, they will have to fulfill certain requirements. The first requirement for working as a nursing assistant in Arkansas is to complete CNA training in Arkansas that is state approved. Once the student has approved CNA program, he or she will have to pass the evaluation or examination that is conducted by the Division of Human and Health services of the Prometric Department for Long Term Care.

Importance of High school diploma

It is easier for students to get employment in the healthcare industry if they possess a high school diploma or an equivalent, such as the GED. Many employers in Arkansas also look for a CPR certification in addition to the CNA certification. The CPR certification is also offered together with the CNA training in Arkansas in the course of the training.

Skills taught

Typical skills that are taught to students undergoing CNA training classes in Arkansas are looking after patients, changing their dressings, helping them with their medications and communicating with the health care team in assessing the patient’s problems.

Outlook for the future

The Discover Arkansas Current Employment statistics claims that in Arkansas, the certified nursing assistants make an average annual salary of $19,000. They can also earn an average hourly salary of $9.41 according to the above statistics. Such a career is well worth it because many of the organizations also offer the CNA training program in Arkansas for free. Another attractive feature and prospect for the future of training for CNA in Arkansas is that according to the long-term projections by Discover, there will be a growth of more than 23% in case of job opportunities and openings for certified nursing aides in Arkansas State.


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