CNA Training in Arizona

Where to get training

CNA Training in ArizonaThe Arizona state board of Nursing requires that a nursing assistant must have completed a CNA training of 120 hours in order to become an approved nursing assistant. This is a requirement before the applicant sites for the certification exam. The CNA training in Arizona is offered through community colleges as well as independent organizations and nursing facilities. These programs are approved by the Arizona state board of nursing. Students who are still in high school can also start taking on these classes, but before being employed they will have to be at least 18 years of age in most employment cases.

Duties involved for a CNA

After completing CNA training here, the person will have to work under the supervision of a licensed or a registered nurse. They will be given the responsibility of taking care of patients in several settings, such as hospitals or in long term facilities as well as in the homes in case of those requiring assisted living and other similar health care facilities. Duties of the nursing assistant might include assisting medical staff, feeding and dressing patients, serving them food and keeping their surroundings clean. They will also have to observe the patient’s condition and look out for their vital signs. They will generally help to take care of the patient.

Topics of the training program

The training course for the nursing assistant in Arizona covers topics such as the knowledge of practices for controlling infection effectively and also informs the student about important medical terminology. They will also learn basic nursing skills and other related skills. The training usually lasts for about twelve weeks and as soon as the program is completed the student can be scheduled for a certification examination.

Within a very short time, the student can enter the exciting field of nursing. This is a rapidly growing sector of healthcare and CNA training in Arizona can make the person qualified enough to earn an average yearly salary of around $17,000 to $30,000


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