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If you have always dreamt of starting a career in nursing, then you will be definitely be very interested in finding how to take the CNA certification examination. The Certified Nursing Assistant certification test gives you a chance to get certified and open doors of opportunities in the nursing field. There are basic requirements that you need to meet before sitting the CNA certification test. Candidates need to have a social security number; need to know the name of the institution from which they received their training as a nursing assistant; and also the name of the institution where they have been working as a nursing aide. It is, therefore, also part of the requirements that before you take the certification exam you need to have undertaken training as a nursing assistant.

Where and how you can sit for the certification test

Written ExaminationMost prospective students may not be aware of where they can sit the test. Once you have completed your nursing aide training from whichever institution, you will be ready to sit for the certifying exam. The examination for certification is also known as the National Nursing Aide Assessment Program. Once you pass this test then you are eligible to work as a nursing assistant all over the state, since you will be included in the nurse’s aide registry in your chosen state. However, some states require that if you move states you have to sit a fresh qualifying exam. The nursing authorities in each state determine where the test will be taken hence you will need to visit their website or offices to get complete information on the location and dates when the exams will take place.

The certification test consists of written and practical exams and in some instances, an oral test is done to ensure those certified are well rounded in all areas of being a nursing aide.

What preparation you need before the certification exam

When you have registered to take your CNA certification test, you need to be very well prepared to successfully take this exam. The first crucial preparation is to fully understand what you learnt in your CNA training. Other than using the training material to revise, you need to research for more material. This can easily be found on the internet or from your local library. It is also very important as part of your preparation to go through previous exams to test your preparedness for the test. To prepare for the practical exam you may consider volunteering your services as a nurse aide. This helps you put the skills learnt into practice as well as prepare you and give you head start in undertaking the certification test.

What are the exam tips?

There are a few tips that you need to have in mind when taking the exam for CNA certification. One of these tips is that each state has a different exam for the CNA post, and they require that you take a fresh exam each time you move states. Hence, if you will move states soon after your test then you are advised to take the examinaton in your new state. Another very important tip to note is that you are only allowed to take the certification test three times. A third fail and you will have to go back into training.


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