CNA Certification

The most important part of getting into a CNA career is getting certified. Certification varies from state to state, however one thing is constant which is the fact that a certification exam has to be taken before one is certified and licensed. Certification as a CNA means that you have successfully passed your certification exam and that you have met all requirements to practice.

CNA CertificateHow to obtain CNA certification

  • The first and most important aspect in getting certified is that you need to be passionate about nursing. You need to be compassionate and ready and willing to work towards improving other people’s lives.
  • Meeting the basic requirements of enrolling into the CNA training is another important aspect in getting certification. This includes having successfully obtained a high school diploma and having a clean criminal record.
  • The next step is getting into the correct accredited CNA training school. The training can run from a few weeks into several months. The training can be carried out in a physical class interaction mode or can be carried out online. Whichever mode that you chose, the training will consist of both a theory part and practical training sessions.
  • Once you are finished with the CNA training classes, the next step is sitting for the certification exam. The exam also has two parts like the training sessions. Once you pass both the practical paper and the theory paper then you will be certified. The pass mark may vary from state to state depending on the state requirements. Once you become certified you get a license to practice for a certain period of time.

Where can you get CNA certification

The local nursing council in your state has a list of all accredited institutions that offer the CNA training and certification in your area. The body that is tasked with getting people certified in the state is the state’s nursing registry body., They have various exam centres where certification exams are carried out periodically. The certifying body is the same body tasked with licensing the CNA staff in a given state.

What are the requirements of CNA certification

Before one is certified as a CNA there are several requirements that need to be met.

  • Successfully attainment of the required entry standards to enroll into CNA. This includes proficiency in reading and writing as well as having completed your high school diploma. You should also not have a criminal record.
  • One needs to have attained a certain minimum number of hours in CNA classes. This value varies from state to state. These hours are spent taking both theory and practical CNA classes. The college or institution through which you undertake your training needs to be accredited by the authorities to offer CNA training.
  • Once your CNA classes are complete you then work on preparing for the certification exams. The exams are both theory and practical in nature. To prepare for the exam you need to go over your course material as well as look at past exams to give you an idea of what the exam looks like and give you confidence to go through it. For the practical part of the exam you can volunteer your services part-time to give you some experience.
  • One needs to have successfully passed the certification exam for both the theory and practical exams that are set and offered by the state nursing management body. Each state nursing board sets different pass marks for their states and you have to be within your state’s pass mark to get certified
  • The final step in this certification journey is getting your certification from your state having passed the certification exam. Once you are certified in your state you also get a license to practice for a certain period of time. Once the certification expires you have to renew it within a given period of time. The certification is not easily transferred from one state to another and it is only possible if your state certification is compatible with the state that you are moving to.

 How much does it cost?

The cost of CNA training depends upon the state in which you are based and the rates vary. Students have the option of getting the training for free through agreements to work later there are also grants that one can use to pay for the training. If you opt to make payments from your own resources the average cost of CNA certification training ranges between $300 to $1500 for the entire training. Whatever option you choose, the cost of undertaking the training is a great investment, since you will have gained skills that will get you started in your nursing career.


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