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CNA Classes
If you have decided to take a career as a certified nursing assistant, the first step you need to undertake is to go through the required training sessions. When choosing to take CNA training classes you have the option of choosing to take full time classes in a formal setting or the option of taking part time classes online, which would give you a flexible schedule that can allow you work and study [...]
CNA Certification Test
If you have always dreamt of starting a career in nursing, then you will be definitely be very interested in finding how to take the CNA certification examination. The Certified Nursing Assistant certification test gives you a chance to get certified and open doors of opportunities in the nursing field. There are basic requirements that you need to meet before sitting the CNA certification test. Candidates [...]
CNA Certification
The most important part of getting into a CNA career is getting certified. Certification varies from state to state, however one thing is constant which is the fact that a certification exam has to be taken before one is certified and licensed. Certification as a CNA means that you have successfully passed your certification exam and that you have met all requirements to practice. How to obtain [...]
Free CNA Training Classes With Scholarships and Grants
If you intend to get into the CNA profession and you do not have enough funds to invest in your education, then you have the option of getting a free CNA class education through grants and scholarships. However, the various practical sessions may require a reasonable amount of money and so, there is need for prospective CNAs to locate funds to cater for the training needs. How and where to obtain [...]
CNA Skills Test
If you are looking forward to a fulfilling career as a CNA, then it is important to go for training classes as well as to take the certification exam successfully. The training and certification takes on two aspects: theory training and practical training. In the same way the certification examines the theory and practical skills gained during training. This ensures that once the aide goes into the [...]
CNA License Information
Being a CNA places the professional in one of the most marketable careers, and one that is thought to be recession proof. This is because despite the hard economic times there will still be a need for nurses who will, in turn, need the services of nursing aides. Many people do not realize the importance of the aide’s jobs until they have a patient in hospital that has to be bathed and cleaned up. [...]
CNA Job Opportunities
Certified Nurse Assistants/Aides (CNAs) are a crucial part of the patient recovery journey both in hospitals and in nursing homes.  There are plenty of CNA job opportunities out there for those who are ready to be part of the health care team. They play the role of taking care of the basic needs of patients that the patients may not be in a position to undertake for themselves, such as bathing, feeding [...]
CNA Training Online Course
If you want get into a nursing career but don’t have time to get to formal classes, you have the option of taking your CNA classes online. The option of taking classes online gives you great flexibility and ensures that you can take the classes from the comfort of your home. What are the requirements to get enroll into CNA online classes? The age bracket of students is 18 years or over to [...]
CNA Salary
CNA salary ranges in the USA When opting to join a certain profession we all look into joining a well paid and personally fulfilling career. Anyone looking into getting into the field of being a Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) will be more than interested in finding out how much money they will be making. The amount of salary that you earn is not standardized across the industry and will depend on factors [...]
CNA Insurance
When you get into the Certified Nursing Assistant career path, you should expect to get into certain liabilities during your course of duty. CNA insurance covers you against any suits that you may encounter in your career. Such suits may not always come from negligence, but also from decisions that you make. When making decisions,  you will be fully convinced that you are making the right decision. [...]
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