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The medical industry has seen tremendous growth within the last few years and has experienced a similar growth in the need for more medical staff.  Certified Nursing Assistants ( CNA ), also known as Certified Nursing Aides, play a very important and significant role in the growth of this industry. Hence, those with CNA certification are bound to find jobs very easily. To be successful in this career, one needs to be empathetic, compassionate, and willing to go out of their way to assist others. The main role that the CNA undertakes is taking care of patients by bathing them, feeding them, and changing patient’s bed linen.

How to become a CNA

The first and most important step in becoming a CNA is by getting the proper training. This is offered by various institutions (and in some instances, hospitals carry out such programs). The Red Cross is one such, well known, organization that offers training in this field. Once you go through the theory training it is important to have some practical sessions, which can be undertaken in local hospitals or nursing homes. Practical sessions will help you prepare for your certification exam, which involves taking a theory and practical exam. The training will take different lengths of time depending if you take the course on a full-time or part-time term basis.

Once the training is complete, the next step is taking your certification exam. The exam requirements will differ depending on the state in which you take the examination. In most states, the examinations for the certification taken in a different state will have to be retaken if the CNA wishes to practice in the new state. It is important to be well prepared for this exam, which can be achieved by working through previous examination papers. Once you are certified, then you are ready to go into the job market.

Once you have completed your certification exam, you are ready to go out and search for a job. The start of this search is the writing of a good résumé, that highlights your strengths and skills. This should be sent out to prospective employers, while you are also applying for CNA positions advertised on websites and in the local dailies. It is important to include any work experience you have had as a CNA including any volunteer stints.

Once you get an interview opportunity, you should go in confidently, and once you get the job, ensure you give 110%. Take any opportunity to enhance your practical skills, since this will give you a competitive edge in the job market. It is important to register with any professional CNA bodies available to you. They are great networking avenues as well as allowing you to keep well informed of any developments in the industry.

Advantages of being a CNA

Unlike other medical training programs, CNA course is much shorter and you can complete it in a matter of weeks. This means you will be out in the job market within a very short time. This is a strong motivator since some people do not want to be in training for a long time.

If you intend to pursue a career in nursing, then CNA program is a good start since it takes a short time and you can afford to take the nursing course as you work as a CNA. This helps you ease your financial obligations as well as build your experience in the nursing industry.

The option of taking the CNA training online helps you take the course on a part time basis from the comfort of your home. Hence, you do not have to physically appear in a class setting.

Basic Requirements for CNA Training 

There are personal attributes that you need to have before you undertake the training  class. It is not an easy career to get into. It is important to be compassionate and caring since your job will be primarily to comfort and take care of patients. In addition to this, you need to be passionate about this type of career. This is essential to keep you motivated.

There is a requirement to be fluent in English and be in a position to communicate and express yourself clearly. This is because this career needs constant communication.

It is also important to have completed a basic education level: obtaining your high school diploma. You need to have a basic understanding of the science subjects you took in high school.

Are there any special CNA requirements specific to my state?

Depending on the state in which you want to practice being a CNA, there are certain requirements that you may need to meet before you become a Certified Nursing Assistant. The requirements differ from state to state but two things are constant across all states. One has to undergo training through certified CNA training institutions. The second universal requirement is that you have to pass the certification test before you become a certified CNA professional.


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